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Become an Esteemed Firearms Instructor with Our 8-Week Instructor Education Program

Fully Loaded Defense is committed to raising the industry standards of firearm instruction. Our 8-Week Instructor Education Program is specially designed for individuals who aspire to become leaders in their community and expert firearms instructors.

Instructor Education Program Overview

Our Instructor Education Program is meticulously designed to transform passionate individuals into proficient and respected firearms instructors. This comprehensive program not only focuses on teaching methodologies and curriculum development but also emphasizes personal branding, strategic partnerships, and business acumen essential for success in the firearms training industry.

Key Components of the Program:

  • Building Your Brand: Establish a strong and authentic personal brand that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart in the firearms community.

  • Teaching Techniques: Learn innovative and effective teaching methods to deliver engaging and impactful instruction.

  • Establishing Partnerships: Discover how to forge strategic partnerships that enhance your offerings and expand your reach.

  • Creating Your Course: Develop your unique course content that reflects your expertise, teaching style, and market demand.

  • Understanding Multiple Revenue Streams: Explore various avenues for generating income, including course fees, merchandise, and affiliate partnerships.

  • Marketing Your Class: Master the art of marketing to fill your classes, attract students, and build a reputation in the industry. You'll have the opportunity to work directly with a marketing professional who specializes in the firearms training sector, ensuring you receive tailored advice and strategies that are proven to succeed in this unique market.

Elevate Your Passion and Take Your Instruction to the Next Level

  • Our program not only teaches you how to instruct but also how to:

  • Boost Your Confidence: Enhance your confidence in your abilities as an instructor and as a business owner.

  • Fill Your Classroom Seats: Utilize our proven techniques to ensure your classes are always in demand.

  • Stand Out: Adopt teaching techniques that set you apart from other instructors and make your classes memorable.

Course Details

  • Duration: A structured 8 week program that provides a step-by-step path from start to finish.

  • Program Fee: The total cost of the Instructor Education Program is $700. This fee covers all course materials, access to online resources, live sessions, and in-person workshops.

  • Payment Options: We offer flexible payment plans to accommodate your financial needs. You can choose to pay in full upfront or opt for a monthly payment plan.

  • Support and Mentorship: Throughout the program, you will have access to ongoing support and mentorship from our experienced instructors, ensuring you have the guidance needed to succeed.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow aspiring instructors and industry professionals through our exclusive online community and networking events.

  • Enrollment: Our program has limited spots to ensure personalized attention and a high-quality learning experience. Early registration is recommended.

  • Outcome: By the end of this program, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to launch and grow your own firearms training business. You'll emerge as a confident instructor, ready to make a significant impact on the standards of firearms instruction and contribute positively to the safety and empowerment of your community.

Enroll in Our Instructor Education Program Today

Join our program to start your journey as a firearm instructor and make a positive impact on the standards of firearm instruction within your community.


Contact us today to learn more about our 8-Week Instructor Education Program and how we can help you turn your passion for firearms into a rewarding career.

Instructor Education Program


Bill Praschak &
Marcee Finn
Instructor Education Program


Bill Praschak
Instructor Education Program


Marcee Finn


Instructor Education Program


Bill Praschak
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