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Meet the Team 

Meet Our Expert Instructors at Fully Loaded Defense

Fully Loaded Defense is proud to introduce you to our team of distinguished instructors. Each brings a wealth of experience, a passion for education, and a commitment to community safety.

Bill Praschak

Bill Praschak isn’t just the founder of Fully Loaded Defense; he's an embodiment of the American spirit. With a career spanning over 12 years in the staffing industry, Bill has mastered the art of connection and empowerment, guiding people towards their passions.

His journey into the world of firearms and safety didn’t begin in the military or law enforcement; it began with a fascination and a drive to be prepared for any scenario. Bill's dedication led him to train alongside local law enforcement and military personnel, accumulating a deep well of knowledge in firearms training and situational awareness.

Bill’s continuous pursuit of education through the USCCA keeps him at the forefront of firearm education, ensuring Fully Loaded Defense's curriculum is always cutting-edge. His passion for teaching and community engagement is the cornerstone of Fully Loaded Defense LLC—your gateway to becoming a more confident, responsible, and higher caliber individual.

Founder and Lead Instructor

Why Choose Fully Loaded Defense Instructors?

Are Relatable

We understand the needs of the everyday American because that’s where we began.

Have Real-World Experience

Our instructors bring field-tested knowledge and skills directly to you.

Prioritize Education

We are lifelong learners who continuously update our skills to offer the most current and effective training.

Foster Community

When you train with us, you become part of the Fully Loaded Defense Family—a network of support, education, and empowerment.

Choosing Fully Loaded Defense means opting for instructors who:

Join us at Fully Loaded Defense, where we don’t just teach you to carry—we equip you to be vigilant, confident, and prepared. You’re not just learning to defend yourself; you’re embracing a lifestyle of readiness and responsibility.

Marcee Finn

Marcee Finn is a testament to dedication and excellence in firearms instruction. Her training under world-class competitive shooters like Max Michel, Travis Tomasie, and JJ Racaza has honed her expertise to an elite level. With further education from the Constellis Academy (formerly Blackwater Training Center) and experience with Special Forces and Law Enforcement Officers, Marcee's credentials are unparalleled.

Her accolades in competition pistol and defensive tactics speak volumes:

  • Sig Sauer Ladies' Concealed Carry Champion 2023

  • First in Class in CO Division - Virginia State Championship 2023


Marcee's ongoing commitment to skill development and her comprehensive background in competition pistol, defensive pistol, carbine tactics, and 2-gun competition distinguish her as a top-tier instructor. As a sponsored shooter by Type-A Rifles and the lead women's instructor for several defense organizations, she embodies the expertise and dedication at the heart of Fully Loaded Defense.

Certified Instructor and Women’s Defense Specialist

Lucas Crisp

Lucas's journey into the world of shooting began in his teenage years, when he was introduced to the exhilarating sports of trap and sporting clays. His passion for firearms and safety was further ignited in 2015 when he enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard, a commitment he proudly upholds to this day. 

During his basic combat training, Lucas discovered a keen interest in medical emergencies and trauma treatment. This interest led him to pursue professional development as a Firefighter and EMT-B. For five years, he dedicated himself to serving seven different departments in the central Ohio area, gaining invaluable experience in emergency response and medical care. 

While Lucas has transitioned from his role as a first responder, his commitment to safety and preparedness remains unwavering. He now focuses on educating others on how to navigate and manage stressful situations effectively. As an instructor at Fully Loaded Defense, Lucas brings a unique blend of firearms expertise and medical knowledge, ensuring that students are not only skilled shooters but also well-prepared to handle emergencies. 

Join Lucas in our courses to learn from his diverse experience and empower yourself with the skills to stay safe and prepared in any situation. 

Firearms and Medical Training Instructor 

Blake Raynor

Blake Raynor is a seasoned firearms and self-defense instructor hailing from North Carolina. His journey began in the United States Marine Corps, where he served with distinction, embracing the core values of discipline, teamwork, and leadership. Following his military service, Blake continued his commitment to public service as a law enforcement officer, where he further honed his skills in tactical operations and community protection. 

With a lifelong passion for firearms and self-defense, Blake has dedicated himself to educating others in these critical areas. As a USCCA Certified Instructor at Fully Loaded Defense, he brings a wealth of real-world experience to the classroom. His teaching philosophy is grounded in the principles of integrity, professionalism, and service, ensuring that his students receive not only top-notch training but also guidance in ethical and responsible gun ownership. 

Blake's approach to instruction is characterized by his ability to connect with students of all backgrounds and skill levels. He is known for his patience, attention to detail, and commitment to helping each student achieve their personal best. Whether teaching basic safety principles or advanced tactical techniques, Blake's goal is to empower his students with the knowledge and confidence they need to protect themselves and their loved ones effectively. 

Firearms and Self-Defense Instructor 

Heather Allen

Heather Allen is a dedicated advocate for the Second Amendment and an experienced concealed carry instructor. She currently serves on the board of the North Carolina Concealed Carry Instructor's Association, where she contributes her expertise and passion for firearm safety and education. 

Heather firmly believes in the importance of personal safety and self-reliance, which led her to begin teaching Basic Handgun Safety in 2018. Her classes are designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to take their safety into their own hands. 

In addition to her teaching, Heather is an active participant in the competitive shooting community. She has competed in several USPSA matches and is eagerly anticipating more competitions in 2024. Her experience in competitive shooting adds a dynamic and practical perspective to her instruction. 

When not on the range or advocating for gun rights, Heather enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. She is an avid surfer and horseback rider, often found riding the waves or exploring trails with her beloved horse, Peso. 

Concealed Carry and Basic Handgun Safety Instructor

Brandon Chambers

Brandon Chambers hails from a small town in western Georgia, where his early exposure to firearms laid the foundation for his lifelong interest in shooting and firearm safety. His passion for firearms was further cultivated during his eight years of service in the United States Marine Corps, where he received formal training and honed his skills. 

After completing his service in the USMC in 2021, Brandon embarked on a new journey at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where he is currently finishing his degree in professional sales. Committed to continuous improvement, he is also actively furthering his education and training in firearms to become the best instructor possible. 

As an instructor, Brandon brings a unique blend of real-world experience and academic knowledge to his teaching. His background in the Marine Corps and his dedication to personal development make him a valuable asset to the Fully Loaded Defense team. 

Firearms Instructor 

Nathan Carvalho

Nathan Carvalho is a distinguished figure in the firearms community, renowned for his achievement as the first-in-class Carry Optics division champion at the 2023 Carolina Classic. As a USCCA certified instructor and avid USPSA competitive shooter, Nathan is dedicated to providing top-notch instruction to both English and Spanish-speaking individuals, ranging from beginners to experienced shooters. 

Born in Brazil and currently residing in North Carolina, Nathan's journey in firearms instruction is marked by his commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. He has received coaching and instruction from world and national champions and is on a determined path to secure those prestigious titles for himself in the future. 

Nathan's approach to teaching is rooted in a deep-seated passion for education. With a Master's degree focused on teaching methodologies, he applies his academic expertise to create an engaging and effective learning environment in his classes. His philosophy is that every student presents an opportunity for mutual learning and growth. 

With nearly two decades of teaching experience, Nathan has imparted his knowledge to over 500 students across every continent. His dedication to seeing his students progress is evident in his enthusiasm for each learner's development. Nathan's journey in the world of firearms started later in life, which led him to develop efficient techniques for mastering skills swiftly. He is eager to share these methods with his students, helping them achieve proficiency in a timely manner. 

Nathan's passion for teaching and his commitment to student success make him an invaluable asset to the firearms training community. 

Certified Firearms Instructor and Competitive Shooter 
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