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Fully Loaded Defense
"Stay Fully Loaded"

Concealed Carry Classes and Firearm Training

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Become Fully Loaded 

concealed Handgun permit New Hanover County

Concealed Carry Classes

The concealed carry course meets the requirements to be eligible to receive a North Carolina concealed handgun permit.

Home Defense classes

Home Defense Classes

Learn a Home Defense Plan that you and your family can follow. This should be the one place you feel safe.

Basic pistol classes


We offer pistol/rifle courses for all level of shooters whether you are new to shooting or looking to move on to advanced level of shooting. Fully Loaded Defense offers it all. Check out our classes today!

conceal and carry classes

Private Group Classes

Private Group Classes are available to friends and family who want to take a class together and are not open to the general public. A minimum of 5 students is needed.

Having the knowledge to protect yourself
and your family is your
strongest weapon

yourself with the Training, Confidence and Mindset 

Meet Dr. Dixon

Bill Praschak /Owner

Bill Praschak is an average American like you, that took his passion and took it to another level. He started off in the staffing industry where he has currently been for the last 12 years. He built his success on connecting with people and helping people find their passions.


He quickly became fascinated with firearms, training and being prepared for any situation. He then started training with local Law Enforcement and members of our Military, where he gained significant knowledge in firearm training, situational awareness and meeting the right people, He continues his education with the USCCA and staying current with all the newest qualifications, courses and training available. Bill also has a passion for teaching and connecting with his community and this is why Fully Loaded Defense LLC was created. 


This company caters to the average American, sharing the knowledge and skill to turn you into a higher caliber human being. Bill has set up strong, tight ties with his local community and will introduce you to local gun shops, skilled firearm trainers and a support group for all your needs. You will become a part of something so much more than just being able to carry a firearm, you will be part of the Fully Loaded Defense Family.


We believe in your American right, and we believe in you. Remember to always carry and stay Fully Loaded!!


Marcee Finn 
Certified Instructor

"Our USCCA Concealed Carry, and Certified Women's Defense, Marcee Finn, is our highly accomplished instructor who has devoted a significant amount of her time to perfecting her craft.


Her extensive training includes instruction from world-class competitive shooters such as Max Michel and JJ Racaza, and also trained under other numerous Grand Master and Master level shooters. She also has further education at the renowned Constellis Academi (formerly Blackwater Training Center), as well as training with Special Forces and Law Enforcement Officers.


Marcee’s extensive experience in competition pistol, defensive pistol, carbine tactics, and 2-gun competition, sets her apart from many others in the field. She remains committed to honing her skills and providing others with exceptional firearms instruction."


Firearm Defense Wilmington


"Bill was not only was a highly educated instructor but he made the class fun. I not only left with my concealed carry certificate but I left with a network of resources and friends."

Brian Zilian

Fully Loaded Referral Program 

Fully Loaded Referral Rewards

Referral while attending class - $10 off class

  • 3 referrals - Fully Loaded Defense T-shirt

  • 5 referrals - Free Home Defense course

  • 7 referrals - Free Box of Ammo

  • 10 referrals- $100 gift card to gun shop of your choice 

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Opening Hours:

Monday-Sunday: 7am to 7pm

Areas Serviced:

New Hanover County, Pender County, Onslow County, Duplin County, Sampson County, Brunswick County and Cumberland County

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