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Pistol Training NC

Pistol/Rifle Courses 

Basic Pistol/Rifle Course 

Why just send rounds downrange when you can — and should — train the basic and fundamentals of firearms. This course will arm you with the knowledge needed to operate a pistol in a safe and effective manner. We will show you the basic fundamentals to get on target, shoot straight and accurate and have confidence firing your weapon. You will learn handgun safety, maintenance, proper grip, and more. You will develop your skills quickly by the teachings of our USCCA certified instructors that use the latest and most effective techniques in the industry.

Course Duration: 1 hour 

Course Cost: $100.00

Ammunition Required: 100 to 150 Rounds

Basic Pistol/Rifle ll

Take your Basic Pistol to the next level. We will continue to build up your Basic Pistol foundation and move towards developing your speed and accuracy. Learn how to draw from a holster, speed reload, and tactical reloads. Getting multiple shots off in seconds and hitting your target accurately. We will run transitional shooting drills & exercises that will allow our shooters to take on multiple targets.  Leaving this class, you would have developed the practical fundamentals to properly defend yourself.

Course Duration 3 hours

Course Cost: $150.00

Ammunition Required: 250 to 300 Rounds

Intermediate Pistol/Rifle 

In this course we will go beyond the basics of shooting. We will move into different shootings stances, cover and concealment and wide transition shooting. You will be taught the higher fundamentals of moving and shooting and bringing real scenarios to life. We will manipulate the range to mirror your home or living quarters to understand the proper tactics to defend your home. These applications can be applied to defend yourself to the fullest extent. 

Course Duration: 4 hours

Course Cost: $200

Ammunition Required: 350 to 400 Rounds

Advanced Pistol/Rifle

Lets' take your shooting to the top level. This course you will be forced to bring your best. We will bring the last 3 courses together and push you to your limits with Speed, Accuracy and Multiple Targets. We will be running and gunning. You will shoot faster than you ever shot, your groupings will be tighter, you will get your heart rate moving. We will be teaching techniques to be more then proficient with a firearm. From crouching to kneeling, one handed shooting and building the skills needed to be a higher caliber human being. How to handle the adrenaline and stresses while defending yourself. Today you are a protector, defender and a force to be reckon with. You will leave this class


Course Duration: 6 hours

Course Cost: $300

Ammunition Required: 500+ Rounds

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Opening Hours:

Monday-Sunday: 7am to 7pm

Areas Serviced:

New Hanover County, Pender County, Onslow County, Duplin County, Sampson County, Brunswick County and Cumberland County

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